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61 Million in the USA to Market to. Over 340 Billion of cash to spend. How is your message being delivered? 

Social Media

Over 75% of the Disability Market is relyies on Socal Media for access, tirps and advcie from each other. Are you reaching them?


The Disability Market is very loyal to each other. We can get you in.

Our story

Loops Media Group

Disability Branding

Companies that successfully market to people with disabilities, and employ them understand there is a strong correlation between brand leadership and the presence of an unyielding disability commitment. Forward looking companies are strengthening and promoting their diversity brand by spreading the word about their disability investments, creating an inclusive work environment where all belong, improving community relations, and enhancing productivity and profitability by building a trusted relationship with their employees and customers who have disabilities. Are you on board? If not we are your partner.

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Our philosophy

Making Sure you have the Best Message

Working with the best message is what we pride ourselves on.

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Our Team

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Madonna Long


Madonna is a respected and established personality in the disability community who works with disability organizations, leaders and businesses around the United States. Madonna owns Madonna Long Consulting where she a Consumer Advocate to Quantum & Pride Mobility Products and Pubic Policy for ADAPTS working on pubic policy.
Madonna clients have included. VPG Autos, MV1, Star Transportation Group, VETaxi, ADAPTS, Flexciser,Specialties: Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Advocacy, Public Policy.

Erika Bogan

Vice President Marketing

Erika Bogan is a motivator, leading disability advocate, aspiring mindset/life transition coach & lover of life.

Erika has worked for multimillion companies like VPG Autos & MV1. She has over 10 years of marketing and social media experience

Courtney Frey

Editing &

Courtney Frey

Courtney Frey is an author, speaker, wife, mother of three grown children and grandmother to two granddaughters. She currently resides in Iowa, has a B.S in psychology, is a birth mother, and is an advocate for mental health and women’s issues.

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Disability Etiquette

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